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We all have them, and for the most part we don’t talk about them. However there are an important aspect of our microbiome and we should be aware of what they are doing in our digestive tract and gut tissues.

For the most part, a parasite often found in small numbers, is kept in check by our immune system and the surrounding gut flora. They get enough to eat and they usually don’t seem to bother us too much. 

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Water Will Break Through... High Vibration Water

It’s another lovely day here – warmer wind at least and I am out into the garden again as well as cooking a wonderful meal for us all. I just love days like this as I am sure everyone does….however…

There are undercurrents of discontent or negative energy around – coming in across the air waves so to speak. Right now I am finally taking the time to sort out exactly what is floating around and it feels like another form of darkness.

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When The Universe Doesn't Answer 

I wanted to talk about this concept – mainly because over the years I have heard so many say (and even said it myself) – something along the lines of – putting things out to the Universe and waiting for a response.

Or asking, expecting something – and worse – needing something – hoping, it will turn up and then it doesn’t. So, what we often do then is nothing. Instead we replace these feelings of doubt with more thoughts – it wasn’t meant to be or some other poor excuse for needs, wants and desires not being met.

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