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April Danann Guests on Vidal Speaks Podcast with Deborah Vidal

Listen to April Danann talk about her life as a Medical Intuitive on the podcast Vidal Speaks Episode 92, hosted by Deborah Vidal and also available on iTunes.  Vidal Speaks is a weekly podcast that discusses using natural methods that deal with the whole body  to heal on the deepest level.  It's a riveting conversation and you're guarenteed to learn a lot more about April, her background and how the different strands of her life and business all stem from the same experiences and beliefs.  

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Gut Health, Parasites & Nutrition


We all have them, and for the most part we don’t talk about them. However there are an important aspect of our microbiome and we should be aware of what they are doing in our digestive tract and gut tissues.

For the most part, a parasite often found in small numbers, is kept in check by our immune system and the surrounding gut flora. They get enough to eat and they usually don’t seem to bother us too much. 

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Healthy Eating Patterns

So, here we are in the post New Year haze of too much eating and drinking considering the coming year ahead of us, personally I like to think of these feast times as necessary – our gut bacteria must have a ball!
Thankfully there are seasons to eat, drink and make merry, and there are spaces in between to eat normally just as there are times it is best to fast and let our digestive systems empty out, rest and repair.

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Closing the Energy Leaks & Intuition - Protecting Your Energy in the Healing Professions

If you find you are bringing your work home, feeling drained at the end of the day, losing heart with all you do – part of this problem will be physical, some of it will be emotional and lots will be energetic. There is so much you can do to make yourself feel better, regain your energy, boost your health – when you know more about the mechanics of how your energy field works as part of your whole body system.

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100 Days ......Juicing, Fasting and Bone Broth 

We are back on our schedule of not really fasting....but not really eating either!! Let me explain.....

These past few weeks I have done 30 days on juices and smoothies - with at least 50% vegetables in each one and the rest some kind of fruit.

I am really finding great benefits from the cabbage - one of the most underrated healing foods of all time and indeed my best 'superfood' discovery to date. It has completely changed the way my gut works and helped build up those beneficial organisms in a massive way.

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Juice Fast - Healing your body & Changing Your Life

I am still fasting….today is day 23 of my plan for doing 30 days this time around. It feels so good to be back to fasting – I’ve done so many shorter fasts of 2 or 4 days over this past year or so, however, my body feels like it is working at creating greater change whenever I undertake these longer fasts.

Besides all of the mental, spiritual and emotional benefits, there is no end to the physical benefits a body experiences as you fast your way to better well-being. The sheer physical changes that a person goes through each day as we detox are astounding.

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Juice Fast - Day 10

Today I am fasting. Actually I have been doing a juice fast of the past 10 days or so. I must say this is the easiest fast we have ever done! LOL

Each day we are making a juice – both fruits and vegetables – often with some juiced garlic, drinking about 8 ounces or so of that in the morning, then spending the rest of the day drinking herbal teas and my own fermented drinks (Rebel Juice available on my market stall). Of course we taking medicinal mushrooms, herbal teas and water as well.

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Fasting & Healing A Tooth - The Root of All Evil 

Today is day 4 of my latest fast, another week in this journey towards bringing life back into my gut, body, mind and soul. This time around it has gotten even more interesting – to say the least! My body is balancing it's flora and living organisms - exactly what I hoped would take place.

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Fasting with a Goal - Spiritual Quest

It is now 10 June and I am just finishing up 3 x 3 days of fasting on more of the same types of drinks….this time it has been mostly on my own as the others took longer food breaks. I kind of wanted to see how I would do on my own as well, and it was better then fine.

So, today is day 8 of my planned 9 days. I refer to it as 3 x 3 because I broke this fast down into 3 day or 72 hour increments with a goal to be achieved by the end of each section of 3 days each.

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Post Viral Syndrome & Probiotics

Just wanted to catch you up on our fasting - we are still working away here - terrific insights every day - for the most part we are fasting for 3 to 5 days, then taking 2 or 3 days for food, increased exercise and all else!

Not sure what day we are on now (it all started on 30 April)….we took another 2 eating days over the bank holiday weekend and are now right back at the fasting again. 

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