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April Danann - Art of the Pitch Podcast is Live!

You'll know if you've been following what we're up to recently that April has entered Richard Branson's VOOM pitching competition, which could lead to funding and prize money for her latest book, I Am She Who Creates.

I Am She Who Creates consciously take a female perspective, as the way a woman navigates her goals, needs and challenges can be quite different to the male experience. This book could change all women's lives for the better, bringing fulfilment and prosperity. It just needs to get out there.

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Solstice Blessings... a Few Thoughts on A Gathering of Women

If you want things to change in your life, you have to create the space for that to happen….

Solstice Blessings....a Few Thoughts on A Gathering of Women

We, each of us in the divine feminine, are in dire need of the company of other inspirational women. Perhaps our psyches remember a time when we gathered during the phases of the moon, the changing of the sun and during shifts in nature.

This time, it’s different.

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 Stepping into the Light

More than that, your life and awareness can just keep growing from here, it’s up to you now – how you expand and when. If you stay true to your roots, those early days when you thought you were a woman walking alone will be remembered with a compassion from the person you have become.

Do not back down, do not sell out, do not sit down, do not be quiet.

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Have We Become Spiritual Slaves? 

Whenever someone else’s energy enters into my world it wrecks havoc with my own energy reserves and I end up feeling like them (I feel their emotions and physical symptoms). Right now I am sitting here with a massive headache and I just realized something….

This severely depleted feeling coming from a spiritual aspect or nature is not mine. I had been ‘owning’ it for weeks now (perhaps years?) only to finally realize, yes I have been through the mill when it comes to life, however, I am more then able for walking this path.

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Magic - Walking Towards the Light

As an Intuitive I am always looking for the connection between our physical reality (food, flesh and blood) and these other worlds (energetic, emotional and spiritual realms). They are not mutually exclusive from each other – nor should they be – many of us walk in other worlds as writers and dreamers.

Once a link has been established, between these dimensions – information exchange, healing and real living can begin. We are multi-dimensional beings for a reason, with access to sources of energy potential, such as magic. 

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What's Wrong with this Picture?

A few days ago I read an article from a famous politicians wife who was commenting on the fact that mothers were not happy staying at home and that without a career would be unfulfilled as people. I have been mulling over her comments for the past few days as they don't sit very well with me for some reason. LOL

First of all - she implied a few things that are totally untrue. Staying at home to raise your own children yourself does not mean that you cannot have a career or be successful. This article was quite clear that you needed to leave your home and your children with 'professionals' in order to achieve something in life.

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