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Solstice Blessings... a Few Thoughts on A Gathering of Women

If you want things to change in your life, you have to create the space for that to happen….

Solstice Blessings....a Few Thoughts on A Gathering of Women

We, each of us in the divine feminine, are in dire need of the company of other inspirational women. Perhaps our psyches remember a time when we gathered during the phases of the moon, the changing of the sun and during shifts in nature.

This time, it’s different.

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 Stepping into the Light

More than that, your life and awareness can just keep growing from here, it’s up to you now – how you expand and when. If you stay true to your roots, those early days when you thought you were a woman walking alone will be remembered with a compassion from the person you have become.

Do not back down, do not sell out, do not sit down, do not be quiet.

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Unity in Soul - Ushering in the Solstice 

I have finished my fast – we stopped after 20 days, it was long enough and we were ready! LOL

But, seriously, we felt we broke through to the other side of something….into a higher level of this path we have been walking and seeking. So, now is the time to re-build, recover our selves, enjoy the season and eat some wonderful food.

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Healing Our Dream Dimension...

There are a couple of things on my mind here today - one is dreams and the other is our inner child...now, being an intuitive I would tend to put these two aspects of ourselves together - because, well, that would just make some energetic sense!

At least to me...perhaps our dream world is set up and stems from our early years. Then as we grow more into ourselves, we access higher points of this side of us. Hopefully not deliberately shutting them down through stress, poor diet, medication and distraction.

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Energy Vampires Surface at this Time of Year…

There are so many ways we can discuss negative energy and I have mentioned several of them over the years on my blogs. Of course whenever we start talking about the economy or banks and money – these days, our thoughts turn to negativity.

I have been exploring some of the ways that all of this negativity from news sources, poor food choices, damaging relationships, dead end jobs and whatever it is that we have taken on board, ultimately affects us.

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Good Morning...

This weekend is usually known around the world as Mid Summer and St. John's Eve as it has to do with the changing seasons, solstice and to mark the summer growing season in a significant way. One thing that might not be very well known, but is an obvious link here, is to water.

And of course anything to do with water interests me greatly as I have long found that this substance is the number one healer, changer, shifter and the most grounded food on the planet. So, what are the links to water?

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Summer Solstice

Today is the longest day of the year, mid summer, the summer solstice and a new moon - quite a powerful line-up as usual for this season. Traditionally fires would be lit, parties and festivals (in Scandinavia they still celebrate with a national holiday) held and general festivities all around. Being in touch with the changing seasons is actually quite important and unfortunately nearly forgotten.

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