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Priorities……Don’t Stop Now

One of the most important things that I have learned along the way is how much I can lose myself in the everyday mundane things. I refer to this as important because I am the only one who can recognize my own habits or lack of them and then pull myself back from the brink of falling into having days and days of not doing the things that matter most.

So….let me get right to the point here. What are the things that matter most?

They could be anything – when you run a business they are often the things you like to do the least. Or perhaps the tedious items on your list that take up a little extra time or take that much more effort to prepare.

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Happy New Year & Happy Full Moon

The final phase of what has been 365 days of digging out and letting go…or perhaps most of this releasing is now behind us, and we are ready to harness the magical energy of this coming full moon.

One thing I’ve found over the years is how much we need to be in a certain space, of a certain mind and perhaps even in a special location in order to feel the ‘charge’ in energy from each of these super moons.

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 Stepping into the Light

More than that, your life and awareness can just keep growing from here, it’s up to you now – how you expand and when. If you stay true to your roots, those early days when you thought you were a woman walking alone will be remembered with a compassion from the person you have become.

Do not back down, do not sell out, do not sit down, do not be quiet.

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Mindfulness on a Monday

One thing I have on my mind a lot these days is my ‘mind’ and all it has been filling up with over these past few months especially. I mean, it’s hard to not be influenced or affected by all the trauma or drama around us, unless you live on the side of a mountain in the middle of nowhere…..

Oh wait, that’s where I live. Nevermind.

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An Uncommon Light

Such an exciting year to be on this planet! We are waking up - of course, along with that comes looking at the world with those new eyes, clearer head and an unfurling spirit. Each one of these celestial events has been a trigger for the earth and for us - it's time to step forward into a new this uncommon light.

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What if everything you have been told about your body is WRONG?

What if……we were able to take a few things we ‘think’ we know about our bodies, our health and living on this planet in general and look at them a little differently?

For, instance, are we really meant to age? What if we are, but not in an accelerated falling apart, memory losing, decline that we currently face…. With most of humanity sliding into home base barely holding it all together after 70 or 80 short years?

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