April Danann



Magical Morning Routine


We’ve all heard of the morning routines of superstars, people whose time and energy is highly valued, most likely are the very same people who invest in starting their days in a healthy, connected and meaningful way.

Part of living the life we are born to live is to equally value our time, energy and to nurture ourselves. Early morning, when the day is fresh and you are just getting a sense of the day to come, is a perfect time to create and think about who you are, where you are going and your life in general.

New dandelion plant emerging from a crevice in rock

New dandelion plant emerging from a crevice in rock

I love to get up in the morning, especially after a good nights sleep (it’s been known to happen!) and when I have something to look forward to. But, for me because every day is different, perhaps the most important thing I focus on is that each day brings some sort of progress towards one of my projects, goals or dreams.

Being a mom who works from home and with 2 children doing homeschool, the mornings can be busy and I love having lots of things to do – my goal however, is to not allow the best part of the day to be stressful. That’s one of the reasons why I choose to homeschool, it’s part of my gentle approach to learning.

One of the things I love about my life right now is that very little is predictable, nearly everything changes with the seasons, gardens grow, there are different plants to forage, the moon waxes and wanes…..and my morning routine does the same!

For some this might be too much, routine is important, after all we are creatures of habit. However, for the most part, you can keep your focus on having a healthy start by doing 2 or 3 things that get you ready for the day, every day.

Perhaps that might be 10 minutes of meditation, 20 minutes of Yoga and a walk outside. Or lighting candles, incense and turning up the music while you dance and contemplate your day.

In my ideal world, this would be great, however the dog might ask to go out an hour earlier than usual and I might find myself downstairs and wide awake with some extra time.

I also like to mix things up a bit. So, there goes the routine LOL! But, it doesn’t have to…..

What if your Magical Morning Routine was to pull 2 or 4 or 6 things from your bag of tricks, wave your wand and you would be doing something nourishing for your body, mind and spirit each day?

And what the hell does magic mean anyway? Well, it you look it up and then change it to suit yourself (like I did!!!), it means to use natural forces to influence events or create change.

How cool is that?

That brings us right back to our Magical Morning – what if the thing or things you are doing each morning have that kind of power over your day? The things you do first thing in the morning influence the rest of your day and it’s outcome.

This might be anything, whatever energizes you, boosts your confidence and gets you motivated on a regular basis.

For me, I love to start off my day writing and I often write for an hour before getting up to face the day. Then I love to go outside, but if it’s lashing rain like it is today, I want to putter around the house tidying up (read fermentation) and listen to music or something inspiring while I drink my dandelion coffee.

Then I am ready for some exercise. Again, it could be and should be anything that suits you for the day. If you are training for a marathon, go for your run or if you are working on strengthening your abs do some power Yoga.

But, also take the time to light a candle, listen to the rain on the windows or wander around the garden talking to your herbs. Bringing nature into your day, from the very start is both grounding and nurturing, while working with the elements helps you focus.

Your morning routine should reflect the person you are at the moment, the person you are striving to become and the long-term goals you have been dreaming about all your life.

Each day will be and can be interesting and new with some old comfortable happy routines thrown in that remind you of how far you’ve come and where you are going.

Where does the magical part come from? Well, I’m so glad you asked, because that comes from your imagination…..we’ll have to get to that, next time!