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April Danann Guests on Vidal Speaks Podcast with Deborah Vidal

Listen to April Danann talk about her life as a Medical Intuitive on the podcast Vidal Speaks Episode 92, hosted by Deborah Vidal and also available on iTunes.  Vidal Speaks is a weekly podcast that discusses using natural methods that deal with the whole body  to heal on the deepest level.  It's a riveting conversation and you're guarenteed to learn a lot more about April, her background and how the different strands of her life and business all stem from the same experiences and beliefs.  

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Healthy Eating Patterns

So, here we are in the post New Year haze of too much eating and drinking considering the coming year ahead of us, personally I like to think of these feast times as necessary – our gut bacteria must have a ball!
Thankfully there are seasons to eat, drink and make merry, and there are spaces in between to eat normally just as there are times it is best to fast and let our digestive systems empty out, rest and repair.

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Come On - Be a Rebel!! Eat Your Veggies... 

As you might have already guessed, while I am a Clinical Nutritionist with many years of experience in the food industry as well as seeing clients, teaching and living this way - I do not subscribe to the current way of thinking when it comes to food. 

I have found through trial and error, sickness and health, that the way we are being told and taught to eat even as nutritionists, is fundamentally flawed. And as you have already read, I have tried nearly everything in an attempt to be at a reasonable weight, re-gain health, heal inflammation and so forth. 

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Pulling Out of The Recession

Today I am on my third day of a mini cleanse - I do them often and have incorporated fasting into my life to help me get where I want to go as well as to keep the energy positive and moving forward. I just mentioned to someone once again that fasting and following The Pagan Diet (which is so much more than just fasting!) has changed my life and pulled us out of the recession.

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Its not always what it seems...

If something isn't what it appears to be, it simply isn't. I have found that an awful lot of people, organizations, companies, groups and what not, are saying one thing while doing another. Which is bad enough. However, they are also giving out information that is completely wrong in many cases.

And there is perhaps none worse than the food industry and those involved in nutrition in general. It seems that there are many who have jumped on the nutrition bandwagon mostly because it is the best game in town and with so many people consuming dreadful diets - there should be plenty to do.

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Happy Mid Summer!

Today is a beautiful day for more Mid Summer festivities we have all been out in the garden since early this morning trying to get sorted out after such a rainy week. I love how the ground dries out nicely though.

We just finished our Mid Summer dinner and I normally wouldn't do this - but as so many have been asking me - what do you eat during a Pagan feast - here is what we had today;

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The Pagan Diet

My new book on living, eating and fasting for weight loss, healing and health is finally ready. If you would like to know all about how I live, the way I feed myself and my family and what it means to me - this is the book that goes into detail on food, fast and feast, master cleanses, detox and healing your body. Here I discuss the many things that I have found out about myself and the world as I follow the pagan calendar and celebrate each season of the body.

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