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Natural Rebel Market Stall Now At People's Park Farmers Market, Dun Laoghaire

Natural Rebel Market Stall is thrilled to have been invited to be a regular at one of Ireland's most highly regarded weekly markets - People's Park Farmers Market in Dun Laoghaire.  It has been acclaimed as the 'Best market in Dublin, a real farmers market.  There is nothing better on a Sunday afternoon.'  

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Closing the Energy Leaks - new material now available!

So many have asked for audio files for each of my books and they are on their way! I am working on my books one by one - and have added extensive audio as well as extra notes & additions to each one. 

Closing the Energy Leaks (c) or Windows is now available to download. It's 4 files of material including over an hour & half long audio that can be listened to again and again. 

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A Spring Cleanse!! Day 2

Today I am fasting….it’s actually now day 2 of a spring detox I want (need) to do. I haven’t been writing very much over these past few months….well, actually I have but it’s of a different sort – mostly for the market and stuff.

But, that doesn’t mean I don’t have this need to write things down. It’s more of a record actually….I have written down so much of what has been taking place in and around me as well as my dreams over the years that I could fill many books.

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Spiritual Bullies - Wreaking Havoc with Our Spiritual DNA

It feels as if I am on a new theme here in some ways. It is obvious to me how since I finished my last cleanse – I have been working my way through more spiritual aspects of myself and trying to sort out what is mine and what is not.

One thing I do know for certain is that some of our genes are on spiritual DNA and these must be activated in order for us to reach higher states of human consciousness. I was dreaming of these things last night and it has been on my mind constantly.

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Observations of A Distracted Mind

I have had the rare privilege of reading what someone has written and watch as they created an article from the beginning, it was an eye opener. Mostly because it isn't remotely similar to anything I would do or even consider doing...

First of all when I write something it's straight from my heart - I actually don't always know where I am going with it when I start. I know that something is inside of me and it needs to come out to be said. It's finished when I feel better and can see I have reached some sort of a conclusion.

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The Last Great War....from the Angel Files 


A persistent state of crisis can only hold the deeper implications of either recovery or death- therefore, to keep vast numbers of people, entire populations and countries hanging on with ramped up intensity and no reprieve on the horizon, is an actual crime against humanity.

As all three of these wars have been ongoing for so long and with such pervasiveness that you would think we would hardly notice if another war were added to the melee. But we have and we did and we will because this one, the BIG one is the MOTHER of all wars.

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