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Independently Healthy! 

When we spend too much time working and not enough time resting or taking exercise – we find ourselves acidic and run down.

Use your herbs to help remind your body how to function optimally while you address areas of your life that need attention as well as create a life balance and deal with stress.

Herbs for me are all about inviting nature into my life and maintaining that connection to the natural world, all the while deepening my inner journey. These herbs show me the way, they take me further into myself on a daily basis and then keep me there.

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Nature Cure

We are now deep into the season to gather and forage your flowers, leaves and greens! The Elderflowers are in bloom, it’s not too late for some wild garlic pesto and even a few nettles for your soup can still be had.

If you are like me, you may find yourself craving these foods for the well being of your mind and body. I have come to believe we require a wild element to our diets, just as much as protein or water.

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Boost Your Healing Power

Your body is amazing! Did you know that? Have you yet gone through enough or lived long enough or finally discovered that your physical organs, blood and bone are held together by something far more than just mechanical tissue…

It’s all welded in place by the forces of nature, built by dust from stars and glued together through elemental magic so ancient and intricate that science will never fully know the workings of it.

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Gut Health, Parasites & Nutrition


We all have them, and for the most part we don’t talk about them. However there are an important aspect of our microbiome and we should be aware of what they are doing in our digestive tract and gut tissues.

For the most part, a parasite often found in small numbers, is kept in check by our immune system and the surrounding gut flora. They get enough to eat and they usually don’t seem to bother us too much. 

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100 Days - What is Life?

What is life exactly?

I’ve come to realize that LIFE is not only what is taking place outside of us, around us, with us and to us – it should be equally (perhaps more so?) inside of us. And for me, for a very long time, if ever at all – there was little life to be lived on the inside.

My gut had ‘dead-spots’, it was leaky, and generally non functioning in the appropriate ways to sustain life. By that I mean – there were not enough beneficial organisms helping me digest food, extract nutrients and make vitamins.

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100 Days ......Juicing, Fasting and Bone Broth 

We are back on our schedule of not really fasting....but not really eating either!! Let me explain.....

These past few weeks I have done 30 days on juices and smoothies - with at least 50% vegetables in each one and the rest some kind of fruit.

I am really finding great benefits from the cabbage - one of the most underrated healing foods of all time and indeed my best 'superfood' discovery to date. It has completely changed the way my gut works and helped build up those beneficial organisms in a massive way.

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Juice Fast - Healing your body & Changing Your Life

I am still fasting….today is day 23 of my plan for doing 30 days this time around. It feels so good to be back to fasting – I’ve done so many shorter fasts of 2 or 4 days over this past year or so, however, my body feels like it is working at creating greater change whenever I undertake these longer fasts.

Besides all of the mental, spiritual and emotional benefits, there is no end to the physical benefits a body experiences as you fast your way to better well-being. The sheer physical changes that a person goes through each day as we detox are astounding.

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Juice Fast - Day 10

Today I am fasting. Actually I have been doing a juice fast of the past 10 days or so. I must say this is the easiest fast we have ever done! LOL

Each day we are making a juice – both fruits and vegetables – often with some juiced garlic, drinking about 8 ounces or so of that in the morning, then spending the rest of the day drinking herbal teas and my own fermented drinks (Rebel Juice available on my market stall). Of course we taking medicinal mushrooms, herbal teas and water as well.

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Using Clay to Heal and Seal the Gut

Some thing I use a lot of here and cannot recommend it enough, is clay. Of course there are so many different types and kinds of clay; French Green Clay, Diatomaceous Earth, Bentonite Clays, Fuller's Earth, Red Clay, Kaolin and so forth….but their basic use is often the same.

Clays pull, encourage movement and remove toxins, wastes & debris from both your internal and external systems. They tighten up the membranes while gently sloughing off the uppermost layers of cells as they move along on the inside and pull toxins out of your skin allowing detox on the outside.

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