April Danann



Boost Your Healing Power


Your body is amazing! Did you know that? Have you yet gone through enough or lived long enough or finally discovered that your physical organs, blood and bone are held together by something far more than just mechanical tissue…

It’s all welded in place by the forces of nature, built by dust from stars and glued together through elemental magic so ancient and intricate that science will never fully know the workings of it.

Life is a miracle and it exists inside of you.

In fact, life exists because of you, for you and has been waiting for you to wake up just enough, just in time to decide to get to know yourself better, through nature.


I have been shown time and again that my body has the most infinite ability to heal itself. It can repair, replenish, reduce and remove dysfunction any time it has the appropriate support and resources.

We are at a tipping point, one where we need to decide to walk away from the chemicals, toxins and rubbish surrounding us and to allow nature to work it’s magic while we move to higher and better ground.

Every single thing your body is doing is for a reason. It isn’t trying to get revenge, it hasn’t gone against you, it is working with you, helping, sending healing energy everywhere it is needed when it has the support from you.

The purpose of inflammation is to create an opening for healing, to provide the space for change, a shifting to another better situation within your body. Do not think for one moment that your body doesn’t know exactly what it is doing.

It does, you do and it will heal you.

We are being asked to trust, to work with the healing crisis or within it and to simply provide support for our body, mind and spirit as pH is adjusted, debris and toxins are removed or an immune defence is calibrated.

Amazing and terrific actions are taking place….the innate genius of our body cells and tissues, seeks to communicate with the intelligence of nature. All we have to do is listen, follow it’s advice and act on it.

If you do 2 or 3 simple little things today you can make an impact on how you feel tomorrow….

  • Remove one ‘nasty’ from your diet, even for 5 days of the week
  • Drink an extra glass of water each day
  • Take raw garlic in your food twice a week
  • Choose herbal tea over that second cup of coffee
  • Walk a mile after dinner, or better still, skip, jump & hop
  • Go to bed early tonight & read for a little while to wind down
  • Book a massage
  • Turn off the tele and turn on some music
  • Include something raw & something fermented daily
  • Take Apple Cider Vinegar

Any one of these things regularly incorporated into your life can and will make a significant difference. It’s so easy to create change, all it takes is to decide you deserve to feel better. Your body will thank you.

Nurture yourself with nature….