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Boost Your Healing Power

Your body is amazing! Did you know that? Have you yet gone through enough or lived long enough or finally discovered that your physical organs, blood and bone are held together by something far more than just mechanical tissue…

It’s all welded in place by the forces of nature, built by dust from stars and glued together through elemental magic so ancient and intricate that science will never fully know the workings of it.

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Lacking Energy - Nothing in Reserve….

For so many of us our bodies have been running on empty and we don’t even know it. We never seem to really connect with the simple fact that just like any other instrument, we need to be tuned up, cleaned up and not taken for granted.

So….I have always wondered about this myself….if for instance I am eating right, exercising, resting when I need to, working at what I love doing and otherwise in a few (not all!) healthy and good for me relationships in general – why am I drained or tired or why doesn’t there ever seem to be enough to go around?

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Energetic Attachments... A Physical Phenomena

Physical and energy entities such as lost, misguided, dead and malicious souls as well as foreign beings (spirits, orbs, fallen angels), can attach to your energy field and wreak havoc within your physical body. 

This will be played out as a block in your body (frequently strating at the nervous system), a feeling of being stuck and unable to move- this block is pain, swelling, or any (usually) chronic area of weakness as well as being at a standstill in your life and relationships. 


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Dreams & Visions....

Today has been a great day with regards to change…not that much has altered that I can put my finger on…but things just feel as if they are different. I had an incredible dream last night as well…

Even though I dream something nearly every night of my life, there are times when an incredible dream comes along and you know it just means something special…

So, for the dream!

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Interesting Dreams Last Night

It was another one of those nights where I must has been sleeping very deeply because it felt as if I went very far away. I have been thinking about it since I got up this morning and it seems as if the longer I cleanse and fast then the more access I re-gain to my body, so it only makes sense that I am going more deeply into my body tissues and cells thus the deep sleep and dreams.

This is significant for me in particular because I have not ever slept well or deeply and in fact would have been a light sleeper all of my life waking at every creak and sound. I still wake easily, but I feel better in the morning because I feel as if I have 'slept'. Some of you out there may know what I mean! LOL

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Final Day of My Mini Cleanse

And of course 3 days into anything and I am only just starting to get into the grove! LOL But, this has been a very productive 3 days and continues to be with my mind feeling relaxed and clear. I must say that I really like this feeling of heightened perception and clarity about life and the tasks I set out to do.

One of them has been to make some changes to my website (which is soon to be replaced) and focus on this blog. I am actually enjoying this process of creating and the things that I am learning about the internet, coding and using these tools. All great stuff.

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