April Danann



Lacking Energy - Nothing in Reserve….


For so many of us our bodies have been running on empty and we don’t even know it. We never seem to really connect with the simple fact that just like any other instrument, we need to be tuned up, cleaned up and not taken for granted.

So….I have always wondered about this myself….if for instance I am eating right, exercising, resting when I need to, working at what I love doing and otherwise in a few (not all!) healthy and good for me relationships in general – why am I drained or tired or why doesn’t there ever seem to be enough to go around?


And I mean; enough of me, enough time, enough money, enough goodness, enough space and so forth. There just doesn’t appear to be ‘enough’ in me, around me or out there or anywhere else. And what is this ‘enough’ - is it only a perception or is it something else altogether?

However, it’s not like this all the time, only some of the time, like when I am noticing. LOL

How on earth could this even be possible? I mean from an energy perspective, it should be energy in, therefore energy out. Or, in a properly functioning body we should be able to generate enough energy or whatever it is that we need to sustain us and keep us going.

What I have discovered is that there is often not enough life or living organisms in and around us and therefore we are left juggling or pulling on sparse strands of energy scattered around our bodies. In order to have, create and generate functional energy resources, we must have enough life ‘taking place’ in us, to sustain us. 

For the most part, this lack of life is the fundamental struggle we are facing on the planet today. We have taken enough antibiotics to eradicate every living, useful and necessary organism that once would have ensured the health, well-bing and survival of our species and blasted them into nothingness.

So, where does that leave us? With barely there thyroids, poor adrenal function and not much of an immune system, tired, unwell and never enough to go around. 

Or, for many of us, we find ourselves with absolutely nothing in reserve. As well, an entire food group, of fermented and living foods has been eliminated and we continue to sanitize, sterilize and annihilate anything that looks back at us.

Having a life is about far more than each of the things that take place throughout our days….it’s equally about an inner matrix of organisms working with us, in us and around us. 

If you find yourself feeling as if you have no energy, no reserves and questionable health….perhaps it’s time to take a closer look at your ‘life’. 


Originally published on April’s blog The Pagan Diet.