April Danann
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Focus on the Positive!

So, these past few days I have been working extremely hard on focus.

Focus on the positive, focus on health, focus on healing and focus on projects, focus on finishing stuff and focus on nature. One of the things I am reminded of is that in my house we never use the word – sick.

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Re-Wilding By Nature

There is so much I want to say here! I hardly know where to begin….so let me start by saying, this is perhaps one of the most important things you will ever read or hear or do or think about.

Your body heals best with herbs. Your mind, body, spirit will only align with nature in the lead and you can only rise in consciousness as part of an awakened, human being on a journey inwards.

You are on your way home.

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How do I use my Intuition? 

I cannot begin to tell you how much I rely on my intuition in every area of my life. Its usefulness has never let me down and guides my every thought, wondering and move. It enables me to explore options, discover new ways of being and heal my body with precision.

This compass that plots the course of my destiny comes from within.

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