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Creating the Life You Were Born to Live

How many of us have read, and pondered over these new-age books that inform us our thinking, our thoughts and the stuff that goes around and around in our minds is what makes up our reality? 
Of course it does. We attract to us what we are focused on.
So, we spend countless minutes, hours and days attempting to shift our thinking onto higher ground. Making every effort to get our thoughts from the dark and negative into the light and positive. 

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Spiritual Insecurity - It's a Big Club

A fairly interesting phenomenon occurs whenever a group of similar minded people are gathered together – a form of spiritual one-upmanship. I’m doing, thinking, being, walking, talking – far more spiritual 'talk' then you.  

This ‘I’m more spiritual than you are’ thinking (as if living this way is a competitive sport) has become so commonplace – it is the accepted norm in the industry. If you can talk it, you don’t necessarily have to walk it. 

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One With Living Energy.....

What a crazy and wonderful world we live in and there are days when it is both of these things at the same time. Today was such a day, the energy of life has been building steadily while we move towards higher consciousness.

I mention ‘life’ here because the one (higher consciousness) can not exist without the other…you will not become ‘awakened’ with an unconscious gut or anything else for that matter.

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When The Universe Doesn't Answer 

I wanted to talk about this concept – mainly because over the years I have heard so many say (and even said it myself) – something along the lines of – putting things out to the Universe and waiting for a response.

Or asking, expecting something – and worse – needing something – hoping, it will turn up and then it doesn’t. So, what we often do then is nothing. Instead we replace these feelings of doubt with more thoughts – it wasn’t meant to be or some other poor excuse for needs, wants and desires not being met.

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Observations of A Distracted Mind

I have had the rare privilege of reading what someone has written and watch as they created an article from the beginning, it was an eye opener. Mostly because it isn't remotely similar to anything I would do or even consider doing...

First of all when I write something it's straight from my heart - I actually don't always know where I am going with it when I start. I know that something is inside of me and it needs to come out to be said. It's finished when I feel better and can see I have reached some sort of a conclusion.

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Soul Re-covery on the Spiritual Path 

Perhaps the single biggest thing that holds us back in life is the family that raised us. I would not refer to them as our family of origin because as many of you walking the spiritual path are finding out, an unsupportive and unloving family are not likely to be connected to you on a soul level. 

Probably the easiest way to describe this is that we have been mixed up on an energetic level – some of us have been enslaved, adopted out, lost and otherwise taken in by strangers at various times during our lives here on this planet.

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Believe in Better

Unless some of us do something differently with our lives and stop following the rest of the crowd into a dark abyss, not a whole lot will change. And just what have we been doing and what needs to change exactly?

Sometimes it seems that we are not entirely clear on these points - perhaps we have not yet passed the point of confusion and are still mired down in the muck created for us and around us by those in positions of power. 

However, it is still up to us ordinary people to seek and create change within our lives, usually for me this is easily accomplished simply by stopping whatever it was that I have been doing that doesn't work for me. It might have been the foods I am eating or the job I was working at and the circle of people around me who might have kept me in that position.

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