April Danann



Energy Aligned in One Place.....Connecting with Destiny 


Today is a food day (a good day! LOL)…..and I have been thinking about the term – ‘the good life’. All along of course, I have wondered about this elusive state of being and have lived many years in hope that one day I might be able to stake a claim to some piece of that attitude myself.

Perhaps some part of me is there with the rest of my being moving steadily along the proverbial path towards having, living and enjoying life. And hopefully for the most part, it will always be good.


However, for many people life is anything but good. In fact, no matter what, how much or how little someone has around them – in terms of relationships, stress, material things and so forth….

When they are not ‘living’ on the inside, nothing is completely good or satisfying on the outside. Life is far more then what you might be able to make of it….life involves taking steps to ensure you remain alive and conscious. 

So many of us walk through each day thinking (or not) that this is all there is. And they are right – if you think that way, you will see things that way and ultimately be that way.
It’s a narrow unfulfilled dull existence. But, that’s just my opinion. After all, I was one of those people who would think that there has to be far more to living and life then just getting up and going to work for someone else each day.

There had to be something more to life…..

I knew in my heart that there was something better, a higher road (even if more difficult) and if I took every step possible I just might be able to find that path. What I have found out about this road back to life is that it is real, it does exist and it is worth making the effort to connect with it.

This good life is not entirely about things, people, or even having a special purpose….so far it appears to be all about having enough of yourself awake, present and alive – energy aligned in the one place and connecting with destiny. 


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.