April Danann



Energy Vampires.....Leave You With Nothing in Reserve


These days I find myself back onto the subject of Energy Vampires with some further insights and deeper understanding of how they may be operating in our lives….some of the most common questions are, just what have they stolen from us, and where, how, why is it being taken?….

Well, this subject has come up for me time and again over these past few weeks. I have spoken to quite a few people as well, about the seemingly modern day problem of vampires and their own experiences with it. 


For one thing….it appears to be getting worse (or at least we are far more aware of it) and there is an obsession (just look at what people are watching, reading and writing about) with vampires, ghouls, monsters and the zombies they create.

That’s right – many of us who have been leaking energy, under attack and drained of our life force are empty shells (zombies) walking around in a thick haze of nothingness. 

The land that time forgot, these spaces in-between are places we humans get stuck in (feeling blocked/stuck in life?) once we have been accessed and then left ‘frozen’ (fear, pain, grief, loss, emptiness) by the many energy sucking entities roaming the earth. 

This is taking place because we are allowing our essence or life force to ebb away with a steady diet of sterile, dead, plastic manufactured foods as well as walking around with guts that have never been sealed. But, this just goes hand in hand with our sterile, empty, plastic manufactured life, doesn’t it…..

Our guts, bodies, skin, inner and outer beings are not meant to be sterile (or wide open!). We are part of the living forces of this planet and as such should be fully caught up in all dimensions of aliveness taking place here. 

The more we dampen down our internal gut flora, lessen our own immune defences and response as well as continue to consume food, water and air devoid of life’s essential elements – well, we just invite the energy vampires to take over, because let’s face it…..

If you’re not using it (life force), someone else is. It’s like an open door…..the nasty bugs, viruses and microscopic whatnot’s are just waiting for any opportunity (they are opportunistic organisms!) to jump in and take over.

Some of the symptoms of being drained by energy vampires are lack of interest, tiredness, unable to focus or concentrate, loss of creativity, change in facial features (especially eyes, skin), weight gain, hormone imbalance, IBS, chronic infections, and a sense of feeling badly (remorse?) about something…..

I have seen this come up repeatedly in people who reach their ‘maximum’ output where work/life/living is concerned. For example, they push themselves to do a little bit extra and then crash due to lack of energy. 

There are simply no reserves (they have been siphoned off).

So….keep taking those antibiotics, drugs, Deadly Nightshades and the medication that you don’t need, instead of making changes to your diet, lifestyle and attitude. I hear zombieland is open for business…..


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.