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April Danann is a prolific writer and records her ideas, thoughts and experiences often in a stream-of-consciousness style, as if she was talking with you face-to-face.  Read some of the stories that have shaped her life and work.

Apple Cider Vinegar - The Story...

Once upon a time……. Not!!!

It didn’t start like that, but almost! For many years I really wanted to be able to avail of the many known benefits of good apple cider vinegar. But, I simply could not take the vile stuff found in the shops into my body.

It was rejected by my stomach – probably because in my mind I knew it was made by machines in factories, sterilized containers (plastic?), chlorinated water (pure poison!), faceless, nameless and lifeless – it would emerge as murky a substance as reflecting the place in which it was conceived.

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Free Birth of Dara

Below is a chapter from one of my books - You Can't Get There From Here -  I thought I would post for you to read. This one is about the birth of my daughter Dara, a free birth that took place at home with only myself and my husband. Best experience of my life which totally re-defined me and the things I believe in.  - April Danann

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