April Danann

Speaker Events


Speaker Events

April Danann can be booked for a variety of business speaking events including conferences, corporate, motivational, health and wellbeing in Ireland and beyond.  Rates begin at €300 (plus expenses) and can be negotiated once the aims of the event, duration of talk, the audience and venue are established.  

'April your talk was perfectly timed for the end of the day...an unexpected pleasure..thoughtful, raw, provocative and highly useful for therapists...just like your ferments!'' B. O'Brian (nutritionist)

Intuition for Life & Business

Intuition for Life & Business is designed for women who are embarking on, wanting to embark on, or are already running a creative venture.  The talk addresses how fears and concerns can hold us back, often stemming from our own community or family and is aimed at supporting women along the creative journey, to overcome the inevitable obstacles and challenges and to re-connect with our own intuition and bring about a fulfilling future.  Suitable for women of any age who are at any point of their venture and in any creative field. 

Naturopathic Nutritionist

Naturopathic Nutrition is an evidence based approach to health which treats the body as a whole, while takings into account our unique biological make up and lifestyles factors. It seeks to get to the core of health issues rather than following the common approach in conventional medicine of only treating the symptoms. Naturopathic Nutrition promotes the therapeutic effect of foods for specific health conditions and the benefit of good, wholesome foods and clean water to optimise general wellbeing.

Food Scientist

With qualifications in food science, naturopathic nutrition and food packaging, April is an expert in the food we eat today and it's implications for our longterm health.  In this talk she covers  how we consume food and how we've been educated by the food industry to make our food choices.  As an advocate of fresh, locally grown, organic produce she is unequivocal in her views on much of the products presented to us as food and why we should think twice about consuming them.  April considers the future of food production, the slow food movement and the choices we can make to enjoy good food and great health.

Master of Wild Fermentation & Gut Health

Fermentation of food and drink is an ancient art and a necessary skill to maintain a healthy, balanced gut – turning ordinary vegetables, herbs, fruit and water into a tasty treat is the ultimate quest for the Food Alchemist.  April Danann, is a master fermenter, a food scientist, a producer of apple cider vinegar  and a brewer of kombucha.  She ferments whatever is in season to make super healthy foods and drinks using various methods of fermentation and explains how these foods increase nutritional content and bioavailability of nutrients and how they are crucial to our general health and wellbeing.

Healing With Herbs

Learn more about herbs, whether it's how to go foraging and seek them in the hedgerows and fields or by creating space for them in our gardens and on the windowsills.   Discover more ways to use these gentle, living foods in every part of life, by drinking them, eating, cooking, growing, rinsing your hair with them, taking them for coughs, colds, aches, tonics and natural balance. 
Healing With Herbs  with April Danann is a wander and wonder through some of the best herbs to use in everyday life, for every day stuff from herbal tonic, herbal tea, ointments, syrups and herbal concoctions  and discovering more about the deep cellular healing properties of nature's garden and how easy herbs are to use day to day.

Energy Management for Healing Professionals

Those in the healing/therapy/energy professions need help to support their own wellbeing as they practise. April looks at the part diet, medication, exercise and stress play - things that we think we know, but perhaps need a reminder from time to time to check in with ourselves.  April discusses how to use the intuition and skills we all have to bring greater awareness to day-to-day working and living and protect from negative or blocked energy.