April Danann
Thought Leader in Health Potential



Introduction to Wild Fermentation & Gut Health


If you want to see your health soar, why not come out and spend a few of hours learning a forgotten skill of food alchemy, Wild Fermentation and learn how important this food group is to your gut as well as how to make delicious ferments at home. During the workshop, I will be covering all the main types of lactobacillus and wild yeast fermentation such as sourdough breads, kombucha, ginger bugs, apple cider vinegar and sauerkraut. I break it down, show you how to do this easily with things you have already and fire you up to get started on your own journey into all things fermented!

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Keeping Honey Bees Naturally


Join the beekeeping Danann family at their homeplace for a workshop on keeping honey bees naturally at April’s studio clinic in the herb garden. The workshop will cover the basics of beekeeping, taste and compare local honey, watch a slide show and discuss all things about keeping bees in a natural gentle way and view several types of hives - hive viewing is weather dependent. Notes and snacks included.

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Wild Fermentation; Advanced & Professional


This advanced course offers you a chance to spend a full day with April Danann and assist in her production of herbucha, apple cider vinegars, sourdough bread and sauerkrauts. It is designed for those with some prior understanding of fermentation intending to produce commercially or the serious home fermenter.

Learn about the uniqueness of Aprils techniques, tips and trouble-shooting for wild fermentation and inside information on how to create the perfect commercial grade ferments every time.

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Wild Foraging Walk & Talk


Join West Cork women April Danann and Madeline McKeever for a foraging adventure on a wild walk and talk on healing herbs, local flora, fauna and all things natural. Led by their expert knowledge and guidance, search for medicinal, edible and local herbs, shoots, berries and leaves. Learn about responsible foraging. The walk will be followed by a demonstration and tasting of how best to use the foraged edibles.

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I Am She Who Creates


If you’re just starting out or you’ve been marching to the music in your own soul for many years, or if you feel completely lost and disconnected and longing to discover who you really are, your mission is waiting for you to claim it.  If you are really ready to take a leap of faith, to not let anyone stand in your way and to only trust in the inner guiding voice that connects you to all of life and creation, you will be Universally supported in finding your mission and developing your purpose. 

Finding, following and then creating a better life takes a little bit of a rebel to go against the tide. Being female is the greatest asset you can have, your inner compass has already activated and it’s leading you towards your mission. 

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Healing With Herbs


We all need to know more about herbs!  Discover more ways to use these gentle living foods in every part of your life, by drinking them, eating them, cooking them, growing them, rinsing your hair with them, taking them for coughs, colds, aches, tonics and overall balance.  Learn how to forage sustainably in hedgerows and fields and create space for herbs in gardens and on windowsills  as well as how to use herbs for everyone in the family, including our pets. 
We will make a herbal tonic, fresh herbal tea, ointments, syrups and herbal concoctions  and delve into the deep cellular healing properties of nature's garden.

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Closing the Energy Leaks

april-dannann-Closing Energy Leaks .jpg

Closing the Energy Leaks, or Windows, is a technique that has been taught to thousands of people over the past twenty years. This is one of the most life enhancing and mind changing things you can do for yourself, as well as for others. For those  working in the healing professions - counsellors, healers, therapists, teachers, Yogi masters and otherwise walking a higher path, this workshop is for you. 

April breaks down the steps to Closing the Energy Leaks in your body and life, walks you through the energy field and how it all works together. Perhaps you are ready to take your life to the next level or are fed up with feeling tired or not yourself - it's time to get things moving. 

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