April Danann


You Are Now Entering Dimension 20....

So, now I have your attention, you are probably wondering what the hell dimension 20 is, right? Well, a long time ago, I went on a quest (one of my many) to discover what each of the human dimensions are and what they mean.

I know a few basic things about time travel, astral projection, inter-dimensional access; just from being an intuitive, psychic or whatever it's called these days. As humans (well, most of us are anyway) we can access 32 dimensions.

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The Last Great War....from the Angel Files 


A persistent state of crisis can only hold the deeper implications of either recovery or death- therefore, to keep vast numbers of people, entire populations and countries hanging on with ramped up intensity and no reprieve on the horizon, is an actual crime against humanity.

As all three of these wars have been ongoing for so long and with such pervasiveness that you would think we would hardly notice if another war were added to the melee. But we have and we did and we will because this one, the BIG one is the MOTHER of all wars.

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The Great Wars of Heaven and Earth

Then we moved into a new decade with more horizons to conquer- their war on cancer was flourishing and reaping benefits in all the right places- except not where it would make a human difference as health status is worse than ever.

Next came the ‘War on Drugs’ which is handy as the young people of the 60’s generation were growing up and having children of their own- you know, the ones without morals as they have been demoralized.

So, another war was declared in the world, this time to combat the illegal drugs trade, as on the streets it was getting out of hand and the world was becoming an even more dangerous place or so we are told in their media, ad nauseam.

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An Excerpt from Angel Files - Out in the Energy Field

The Three Great Wars

I recently watched a clip of an ex KGB agent in which he described a set program used to gain control over a population. It is based on using a plan, which is played out in society and takes effect over several generations.

He used the following terms; demoralize, destabilize, crisis, and normalize to describe the process by which ‘government’ or those in positions of power, use to accomplish this goal of complete dominance. 

I recognized this immediately as fitting in perfectly with the “New World Order’ and the various causes initiated in America and the UK but which have quickly gained momentum and gone viral around the globe. 

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Energy Vampires Surface at this Time of Year…

There are so many ways we can discuss negative energy and I have mentioned several of them over the years on my blogs. Of course whenever we start talking about the economy or banks and money – these days, our thoughts turn to negativity.

I have been exploring some of the ways that all of this negativity from news sources, poor food choices, damaging relationships, dead end jobs and whatever it is that we have taken on board, ultimately affects us.

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Strengthening Your Energy Field – From the Inside

Everything that takes place in and around your body (and life) is recorded, pre-determined and part of some larger overall pattern. This is not said lightly either, because a lot is taking place constantly that most people are not even aware of. 

Your body generates an electromagnetic field in and around each and every cell in your body. It does this from the inner workings of your cells and metabolic processes which act like miniature batteries. This joins together to form a larger force field with central points as well as energy centres around the body.

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Walking The Talk - Natural Healing

I don't often write (anymore) about some of the issues I hold closest to my heart - at least not like I used to, perhaps I feel that there are already so many people out there speaking out right now - and I no longer need to lend my voice to the cause.

Then some days I realize that a lot of these voices are not quite where they should be and not coming from the level of integrity that I would expect (or hope) to find within some of these causes. That's one main issue, then there is the double edge or convoluting of the message, or to put it more clearly, people trying to have it both ways.

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Welcome to Health Scare 

The following is an article I wrote in 2009 - which is as relevant right now as it was then. The flu would not be something to be feared or worried about in people who are healthy, with strong functioning immune systems. However we are not encouraged to work on improving our health - instead we are pushed to fill our bodies with an even growing list of toxic compounds. 

Has our human race reached the final end point where the promotion of disease and dysfunction is concerned or are we seeing but unable to comprehend the level of corruption involved in manipulating our health. Read on....

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Soul Re-covery on the Spiritual Path 

Perhaps the single biggest thing that holds us back in life is the family that raised us. I would not refer to them as our family of origin because as many of you walking the spiritual path are finding out, an unsupportive and unloving family are not likely to be connected to you on a soul level. 

Probably the easiest way to describe this is that we have been mixed up on an energetic level – some of us have been enslaved, adopted out, lost and otherwise taken in by strangers at various times during our lives here on this planet.

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Social Life - On the Spiritual Path

As this is my blog and it rests upon me to be really honest with you, I am going to do just that as there is an important aspect of walking the path that I must share with you. Social life as I had come to know it consisted of spending time with several people whom either myself or my husband did not particularly like, or they did not like my children. And probably I did not like aspects of them either.

We tolerated each others company- yet in some ways it was like an addiction or perhaps part of the ‘sickness’ of living, eating, and behaving like I was someone I am NOT. When I was around these people I did not act like myself- actually I don’t even know who that is and neither do they as there are strict perimeters of behaviour that everyone has to follow.

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