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Focus on the Positive!

So, these past few days I have been working extremely hard on focus.

Focus on the positive, focus on health, focus on healing and focus on projects, focus on finishing stuff and focus on nature. And, as I’ve been focused on the good things, one of the things I am reminded of is that in my house we never use the word – sick.

I don’t want to even buy into that shit! LOL


I have always heard from my intuition and have equally said to my children; You are not sick, you are either in a state of change, an enhanced energy shift or going through a healing crisis. Your body, mind and spirit is also responding to all that is going on around you and within you.

Because our minds will go where ever our attention is focused, I’ve found this thinking to be absolutely critical to my health and well-being and certainly important during times of busyness and extreme stress or change.

Don’t entertain the negative aspects of health, healing, life or at the very least – look at them for what they are, temporary and necessary alterations within our circumstances that are meant to relieve us of long held thought and energetic patterns.

These patterns have been holding us back and keeping us down. Often the only way to shift is to deal with them full throttle.

We are living during the time of great awakening – a time and place meant to have humanity examining our collective behaviours, asking the deep and difficult questions and then, hopefully doing something about our discoveries.

A consciousness shift will occur on each and every level of your being – you will change inside and out. Mentally, spiritually, emotionally and especially physically. Do not for one minute think that you can have a highly functioning mind and spirit and a low vibration body.

This brings us back to focus…..think about all your plans, goals, hopes, dreams and desires – then correlate them to healing various aspects of your life. Start with your thinking, while at the same time, adopting a new healthy lifestyle habit.

  • Maybe you could start your days with a short meditation (even for 5 minutes) focused on a positive thought or aim.

  • At the same time reduce sugar in your diet or cut out one not so healthy habit.

  • Then, increase exercise or yoga or time outside in nature on a daily basis…..

One of my mantras, no matter how I am feeling or what is happening is simply –

my body knows how to do this.

Of course it does!

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