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April Danann - Art of the Pitch Podcast is Live!

You'll know if you've been following what we're up to recently that April has entered Richard Branson's VOOM pitching competition, which could lead to funding and prize money for her latest book, I Am She Who Creates.

I Am She Who Creates consciously take a female perspective, as the way a woman navigates her goals, needs and challenges can be quite different to the male experience. This book could change all women's lives for the better, bringing fulfilment and prosperity. It just needs to get out there.

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Wait A Minute, This is My Blog! 

I have been deliberating on several posts I wanted to write for one of my blogs and have hesitated for quite some time on more then a couple of them. I kept thinking they were not quite suitable for this blog - some form of flawed thinking has set in and I have just uncovered a pattern!

One of those posts is about homeschooling - for those who know me or anything about me - we are homeschoolers, right from the beginning that was the goal and we have for the most part stuck with it. Both our children are learning at home at the kitchen table - and thriving because of it.

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