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Focus on Life

Isn’t it funny how often we think to ourselves, this is our life, yet, it’s not the one we’ve wanted, dreamed of or envisioned for ourselves. But, here we are spending day in and day out – doing things we don’t always like ‘doing’ or ‘being’ in places when we wish we were doing something or being someplace else. 
And then there’s the biggest one – being around people who either do not appreciate us, understand us, like us or who are down right harmful to us - (read toxic to be around). If you are anything like me, you end up soaking up all those negative vibes (absorb!) – taking on board nearly everything, in an effort to make people happy and feel better. 
And such is life. Or is it? 

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3 Point Turn…..Life Changes

I can’t always say in what order my life has changed. Over the years so many things – incidents, situations, even a spoken word, has had occasion to rock my world.

Often to the core.

But, there are those very few times in life, when I made a decision or found myself in a particular predicament, where I had no choice but to discover for myself exactly what I am made of.

And I have done that, time and again.

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New Year's Revolution - Clearing the Dark

A revolution at this time of year, for me, is a promise to do something I’ve never done before….hmmm. Now that’s got me thinking and thinking…wondering what on earth can I do this year to set it apart from all other years. Can I do this year better, live more, experience more, feel more alive and grounded….

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In Sickness & Health….. The Lifespan of a Healer

Being a healer takes a lot of energy from you, walking the spiritual path, self care, listening, paying attention, learning how to live….or at least it can – but lets get one thing straight right from the beginning: if you are supposed to be doing this work - at this level, touching on higher dimensions and consciousness, then you are more then able to handle this physical end of things.

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My Life in Retrograde....Spiritual Adventures Continue

So, right now Mercury (the messenger planet?) is apparently in retrograde or moving backwards through the sky – which means lots for mere mortals like us, down below. For those who are watching the heavens for signs and guidance….well, it’s a time of increased resistance.

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