April Danann
Thought Leader in Health Potential



Love & Fear


Love and fear cannot exist in the same place at the same time. In fact, fear will push out good feelings and then shut the door on them!

These are complete polar opposites in terms of vibration within your body, causing confusion, brain fog, stagnation and even physical illnesses. Fear can come from anything – trauma, old inherited family patterns, chemical toxin exposure and even bad food choices.


No one has an absence of fear, so we are all just blobs of shivering anxiety that generate heat.

When dealing with fear it is always best to name it and out it first. Notice I did not say ‘own’ it. In many instances, these random fears will not even be yours. They can come from anyone and anywhere – yes you can pick up fear in the same way as flu or a cold.

It’s like a nasty virus that morphs into aspects of your life eventually controlling how you see and experience things. These are tiny energies that influence your decisions, your moods and even your health.

So, you see how damaging carrying around unexamined fears can be in your life. However – we know all of this and now is the perfect time of year to shift our focus onto the higher realms of existence towards hope, peace and love.

Love doesn’t mean you walk around all huggy and touchy feely with everyone – that’s kind of yuck. What it does mean for me, is to repeatedly do things for myself and others from a place of compassion, intuition and wisdom.

It means to go ahead with a project or a situation or a dream even though the odds are against you. It can also mean that you walk alone for a time because no one else really gets where you are coming from. And you are okay with that because you are guided from the inside.

Love and fear are not companions.

Your body runs on good vibes when it is healthy and only love can lift you up to that place.

One thing that I find helps me immensely when dealing with a block of fear is to make a list of the things I am putting off or avoiding or places where I am not getting the required energy in.

Once I have my list – say about 3 things, I ask myself what kind of fear exists in me or around me that causes these tasks to remain unfinished or undone. It’s all just really related to a fear of some kind! Find a way to name it and then start chipping away at that list.

You’ll be amazed at the change you create within your own well-being. You will find love in the doing….