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What's Another Word For Positive?

Everything you do, makes a difference the key word here is DO. 

This little sentence is what I repeat to myself often as I go about my daily tasks – I wanted to focus my mind on being and feeling positive as I set up my market stall, make my ointments or even do the chores around the house. 

And I do subscribe to the thinking – that if you say it often enough, you start to believe it.

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Everything Looks Different....In A New Light 

Another sunny day here…it’s just endless!! And we couldn’t be happier about it. The entire world just seems to be a much better place with all of this sunlight and warmth…

It’s actually quite amazing how much we get from the sun…all of life requires light to grow (in some manner) and with that comes energy. This sunshine, that we had nearly forgotten about is bringing with it the energy of hope.

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A Little Faith - Can Heal A Life 

Have a little faith...that is what has been on my mind over these past couple of days as my body heals up my sore leg. Actually, it is something that has been there for several years, but was aggravated by the extra Yoga I have been doing.

Or perhaps it has been brought up to the surface because I am doing a detox and is now ready to move. Most likely it is all of the above. So, my leg is a little sore, tender and painful and I know something is being worked on. 

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Exercise as Energy Medicine

For anyone who knows me, it's no secret how much I love exercise - my one complaint would be I never make the time to do more. I have always been active, even when my diet and my life were not great and certainly during the times I have been unwell.

Intuitively my body constantly relays to me how vital it is that I move each day - in fact my body has long been informing me of the need to be physically active at least twice if not three times a day. In keeping with the natural rhythms of the our bodies...

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Writing from Home - You don't have to be an Unhealthy Author

There are a lot of us writing or working from home – a job which requires far too much sitting around, leaving us in a bit of a tight spot when it comes to staying healthy. Sitting for long periods of time is not the best way to work, however, fortunately for us we can find ways to stay active.

Actually I love to exercise, but it’s not always easy when I am busy homeschooling, writing, looking after animals and maintaining a house and garden. I thought the best way to start this was to let you in on what I do and how I’ve organized my day.

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5 Spiritual Benefits of Exercise

At this day and age you would think the fact that our physical bodies require exercise is such as no brainer... however I keep coming across 'spiritual' people who feel they are on the journey of their lifetimes without getting off of their arse.

Well, that is simply not possible - you can get some of the way down that long road, however, without being physically active you are not going to get far. This trip simply requires all of you - body, mind and spirit to be fully present and in working order.

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April's Five Minute Challenge

A number of years ago I wanted to find a way to get more out of my day and it got me thinking about the whole subject of energy. As some days I have so very much to do, how do I first of all stay focused and second of all keep the creative juices flowing? The third thing is how do I push it to the next level? These answers are always very simple and of course, right in front of me. EXERCISE

So I started thinking of all the things that I want to do, the goals, ambitions, even the smallest ones, and wondered what I could accomplish if I got my body moving for the next 24 hours.... could I move that mountain? Or climb it? 

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Top 5 Ways to Unblock Energy

My mission over these past few days that I have been following my July Master Cleanse has been to focus on areas of blocked and resistant energy. I have been listening, talking to and working with my body but focused on mainly my heart area as that feels to be the key to all of this.

Today is only day 3 of the 10 days but it appears to have hit me like a brick wall or perhaps I am the one who has hit the wall. And I think that this just might be the wall that I have to break down or get over somehow. 

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10 Ways to Get Back in Your Body

For the most part not everyone knows what any of this work of the body, mind and spirit is all about. Just exactly what are the reasons behind thinking our thoughts and feeling the way we do about the world we live in? 

Many of us are just naturally drawn to vibrations of higher consciousness, are seekers and have been asking the right questions for quite some time. These actions are the forces that pull us onto higher ground and often sustain us as we navigate our way through the rough terrain. However, the reason why we seek, the justification for the deeper questions has always been that we are pushed out of spaces and places where we belong. 

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