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Nature Cure

We are now deep into the season to gather and forage your flowers, leaves and greens! The Elderflowers are in bloom, it’s not too late for some wild garlic pesto and even a few nettles for your soup can still be had.

If you are like me, you may find yourself craving these foods for the well being of your mind and body. I have come to believe we require a wild element to our diets, just as much as protein or water.

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Irish Weather - Elemental Forces At Work

Let’s talk about this weather!

Here we are in the 5th or 6th week of some wild winter weather like we’ve never seen before in living memory….or perhaps it’s that fabled winter of discontent, or the long night of the soul?

So, this is where we find ourselves, at the mercy of the weather, that great ‘starter of conversations’ the world over and something we have learned to moan about, at least in these northern regions where rain, hail, sleet and wind bring down our moods as the wet stuff hits the ground.

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Aggression in Normally Docile Irish Honey Bees 

These past few weeks we have watched our little herb garden bee hive become more and more active….to the point of a little aggressive. Of course, being this time of year our minds went to a few different explanations as we kept our distance to allow them to do their thing.

There are several reasons a normally docile bee hive might suddenly become more assertive – one occurs when they are stressed at this time of year such as a lack of winter stores of food (probably sounds like us all, trying to gather winter food and fuel LOL). However, with the summer we just had, a lack of food stores would hardly be the case.

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Perfection in Nature....Honey Bees

These summer days are a godsend….there is such warmth and delight in a carefree sunny day. Actually, the years of rain on end seem like a distant memory for most of us right now (thankfully!) because we had forgotten what blue sky was like.

I don’t know about you, but I have also loved watching summer blossom and come into it’s own this year. Perhaps because for the past few years I have only watched from the window through the sheets of rain – venturing out in wellies and coat to work in the garden.

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Everything Looks Different....In A New Light 

Another sunny day here…it’s just endless!! And we couldn’t be happier about it. The entire world just seems to be a much better place with all of this sunlight and warmth…

It’s actually quite amazing how much we get from the sun…all of life requires light to grow (in some manner) and with that comes energy. This sunshine, that we had nearly forgotten about is bringing with it the energy of hope.

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