April Danann



April Danann's - Honey Bee Tea 


We’ve decided to feed our bees, mainly because we are not at all certain they are getting the food requirements necessary to sustain them. Another reason is that we have seen them become weaker over these past 5 years with more losses and smaller hives with fewer stores of honey. 

Critical point has long been reached. 

Danann Design Top Bar Bee Hive with viewing glass

Danann Design Top Bar Bee Hive with viewing glass

We add mushrooms to our Honey Bee Tea because we have seen the extensive research on how beneficial these organisms are to both humans and bees, in particular the Immune Strengthening properties of medicinal mushrooms. It’s as simple as steeping mushrooms in hot water for ½ hour along with the herbs….

The plastic feeders are probably better suited – the bees are able to cling on the sides more efficiently, however the bees don’t like plastic. A wooden feeder is preferred because it is natural material – rough up the sides to enable them to cling to the surface and not fall into the sugar syrup. Or use an inverted container with small holes in the bottom, either way get started with a method that works for you and your bees. 


  •     16 cups white cane sugar (raw cane sugar gives them diarrhoea) 
  •     6 cups hot tap water
  •     2 cups strongly brewed chamomile, dandelion and/or thyme tea
  •     ¼ to ½ teaspoon mineral salt
  •     Mushrooms steeped in with herbs (shitake, miatake, oyster etc.)
  •     1 – 2 drops therapeutic grade Essential oil of thyme or oregano (optional)


  •     Dissolve sugar and salt in 6 cups hot/chlorine free water and stir until gains are gone
  •     Boil 2 cups water, pour over tea, and let it steep (covered) for 10-15 minutes
  •     Gently mash & stir mushroom/tea mixture, strain carefully then add to sugar water 
  •     Mix together gently by hand for about 3 minutes
  •     Fill feeders (wooden is best) 

We use therapeutic grade Essential Oils to boost properties of the sugar solution and also to discourage any mold growth in the short term, inside the hive. Make sure there is a float for the bees to land on in the frame feeder. Monitor the feeders closely for wasps, damage, mold and usage. Change out herbs from time to time – use elder flower, hawthorne flower, rosemary and so forth for many different health benefits. 

Come on, Bee a rebel!