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So, look at all the bad news...

Hey, its only 3 weeks or so until Christmas, the season of good cheer and the one that many of us look forward to ALL year. So what's with the deluge of BAD, downer news that is coming across the air waves?

Don't know what I am talking about? Go back over to any news page and re-read the headlines - there will be at least 3 out of 4 negative announcements of one sort or another. And many of them with less than positive predictions about this coming Christmas season!

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This may sound strange, but what if....

What if all of these flus and bugs that go around from person to person over the winter months, actually serve a purpose? I know, how on earth could I possibly reach that conclusion! How awful it is to get a bug and be down with it for a few days - and to miss work and be so unproductive.

What if these flus and bugs primed out immune function in a myriad of ways sort of like taking the fancy car out of the garage once in a while and taking it for a spin. But I know, the argument would be that it is not healthy to be sick! And again why spend a few days with some down time when we could be up and at 'em ALL the time.

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Diet and Exercise

I came across this article today, what a shocker! Now they tell us that hormone imbalance may be implicated in high rates of obesity and (listen carefully to this) may 'have' to be 'treated' with drugs of some kind to get people sorted.

Right- so now, as the scientists and the doctors start to catch up with all the things that us Nutritionists have been working with and dealing with and talking about for these past YEARS, we need a Big Pharma fix. Its such an untapped market after all- buy your organic food, get your gym membership and because this simply won't ever be enough, have your prescription filled for the hormone shots that you will surely need to keep the weight off.

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Mung Bean Burgers
  1. Soak the mung beans for 48 hours in lots of water. Drain, rinse the beans and discard the soaking liquid.

  2. Put all the mung beans and raw garlic in a blender or food processor with a little olive oil. Blend or process until you have a smooth and light batter. Transfer the batter into a bowl.

  3.  Stir in chopped scallions, onions, leeks, grated carrot, chopped or pureed cooked spinach, herbs to taste and cilantro if desired. Or use the vegetables you have on hand- sometimes I use grated pumpkin or squash, and cooked green lentils.

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The Only Way To Lose Weight....

I have come to find out during my years working in the food, diet, nutrition fields and as a Medical Intuitive, that the only way forward with regards to weight loss is to detox your body as the weight comes off.

Our bodies use fat to store toxins and debris that can clog up the system - it is a very efficient and life preserving mechanism. These toxins have usually built up over a life time and can only be broken down with specific support for the organs and of course exercise to help push them out thoroughly. These days we are exposed to far more chemicals and poisons which also interact within the body giving rise to the situation (excess weight and ill health) that we are now in.

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April Danann's Food Revolution

For those of us who are watching and supporting the many revolutions that are taking place around the planet but are unable to physically be there- there is so much else that can be done. And perhaps even more important work that must be done to start to break down these monopolies who control our money, economies, food, water, media, and ultimately our minds.

I see it often during some of these protests, ‘access to better health care’ written on placards and it has left me feeling perplexed. There are some basic tenets that every human living on this planet needs to get back to- and the fundamental one would be food. How to feed ourselves so that the body and mind is well nourished and in a healthy state has been eroded in less then several generations. We have been duped into thinking that we actually ‘need’ health care- what we need is self care in the form of fresh whole food and clean water.

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Supplements In the News

Well, for those who know me, and have read my books you know that I am not a fan of supplements and I myself never take them under any circumstances. They do not feel right nor do the entire set up of taking individual nutrients sound in any way safe. There are just far too many parameters involved in the digestive process- food is the only way to achieve balance within the body systems.

This week there is a study out that gives yet another warning about this very thing- it comes after a long list of them. Every so often one scientific paper surfaces that puts some information out there in the public domain about this problem. Yet, it goes largely unnoticed by everyone as there is too much money to be made selling Big Pharma drugs to everyone- even when you think you are avoiding them!

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Such a sad week....

With the loss of Steve Jobs and many others needlessly to cancer I am reminded of what it takes to overcome this type of illness. Most of it is mental, the physical part can be accomplished with simple changes to diet and exercise. It is the emotional fallout that can be the place of weakness.

I have been reading up on the little bit that is known about his struggle with illness on both sides of it. Of course, I would clearly be of the belief that this man should not have died and that no one else should suffer such a fate. All of the answers are here and have been all along.

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OMG- Now they are Nutritionists too???

Obesity is at an epidemic level reports the daily news sources- well I wonder how did that happen? And now the UK government wants to do something about it. That is wonderful news! The first thing that they can do about this epidemic is go into these supermarkets and declare an outrageous tax on 90% of what is on the shelves- these can all go into the non food category.

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