April Danann


In Sickness & Health….. The Lifespan of a Healer

Being a healer takes a lot of energy from you, walking the spiritual path, self care, listening, paying attention, learning how to live….or at least it can – but lets get one thing straight right from the beginning: if you are supposed to be doing this work - at this level, touching on higher dimensions and consciousness, then you are more then able to handle this physical end of things.

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Evening Class - Starts 5th November

If you find you are bringing your work home, feeling drained at the end of the day, losing heart with all you do – part of this problem will be energetic. But, there is so much you can do to make yourself feel better, regain your energy, boost your health – when you know more about the mechanics of how your energy field works.

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Aggression in Normally Docile Irish Honey Bees 

These past few weeks we have watched our little herb garden bee hive become more and more active….to the point of a little aggressive. Of course, being this time of year our minds went to a few different explanations as we kept our distance to allow them to do their thing.

There are several reasons a normally docile bee hive might suddenly become more assertive – one occurs when they are stressed at this time of year such as a lack of winter stores of food (probably sounds like us all, trying to gather winter food and fuel LOL). However, with the summer we just had, a lack of food stores would hardly be the case.

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