April Danann



Unity in Soul - Ushering in the Solstice 


I have finished my fast – we stopped after 20 days, it was long enough and we were ready! LOL

But, seriously, we felt we broke through to the other side of something….into a higher level of this path we have been walking and seeking. So, now is the time to re-build, recover our selves, enjoy the season and eat some wonderful food.


However, today after only a day of eating I feel really well, strong and have been out running. It’s quite a feeling to be detoxed, ready for anything and clear about what has to be done during this next phase of life arriving in the new year.

I have been thinking on these things today as I have been eating lots while working out and getting the house ready for Solstice. This is my absolute favourite time of the year and we have spent the day the sun returns in several locations throughout the years.

Yet, no matter where I am, it’s always nicest to be home, of course, and home is anywhere my family is. 

I find it intriguing how much we are spiritual creatures, yet we can get so caught up in the mundane we often forget it’s deeper connections to these important seasons. Our spiritual selves are actually more accessible, open and in tune with us, as the sun shifts and moves closer to the earth.   

This upcoming Solstice for example, ushers in such an undercurrent of inner soul work with the return of light as well as a festival of great food. This time of feasting has also quite wonderful soul connotations – the beginnings of which are about nourishing all parts of our beings.

After the detox comes the real work of piecing our lives back together, through food, exercise and the closeness of family with the season; we find ourselves – the centre point of our hearts, unity in soul.