April Danann



Harvest Moon....


Today I am getting ready for my full moon ceremony….this one is a harvest moon and of course is something quite special. I remember last year we had a blue moon in the month of August – we don’t have that this year….but….

We have something far better. 


This year we are witnesses for the earth, watching as she awakens, stretches and returns to life as it once was. She is re-gaining her energy, coming back to herself day by day and as she does this – the old ways will become relevant to us once again.

By this I mean the simple things such as honouring the full moon. Paying attention to the changing seasons, foraging for natures’ precious offerings and most importantly, using herbs as our medicine.

I have found one significant difference over these past few months since I completed my nearly 2 ½ years of back to back fasting (clearing, cleansing, parasite cleanse), the way my body now responds to food, water and herbs has changed.

What stands out to me most is the herbs of course, because it is so marvelous to have a dramatic, immediate and positive effect from a single cup of herbal tea or a glass of my Wild Harvest Herbal Remedy syrups (you have got to try them! LOL). 

It’s as if I have broken through the barrier that kept these natural and healthy benefits of the planet in check – and this barrier also slowed down their action. I had long thought they should work faster and now I see that they do….it was the toxins (viruses, parasites, chemicals etc.) in my body that prevented these herbs from doing their work efficiently. 

Which leads me to what I have been doing these days….over this past few weeks I have been busy looking at ways to make my life more efficient. To streamline my ‘working’ (homeschool, farm animals, market activities etc.) day while I keep things (the rest of my life!) in balance. 

So, this harvest moon has come to mean something quite special for me this year, it’s finally the culmination of a year where I have truly watched things come together….efficiently. 


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.