April Danann



Change Is In the Air....


It’s been a great summer and I don’t want it to end….perhaps because I am still trying to get caught up with the weeding LOL. So, now is the time to be finishing up those loose ends and mucking out the summer stuff…

The one word that stands out to me here is END. In lots of ways when September arrives – this signals change – some kids go back to homeschool and lessons and the seasons shift into shorter days.


These day lengths are very important to those of us walking the spiritual path for many reasons the least of which is our top up of vitamin D that keeps up healthy throughout these coming cooler (and darker) months. 

So….why might I be mentioning vitamin D, light and changing seasons to those who are seeking spiritual endeavours, you might be wondering…well, travelling these roads and staying healthy has long been associated with immune system function.

There are perils and pitfalls nearly everywhere, but none as dangerous and significant as those of a spiritual nature. I have often heard it said how there is no disease but only ‘dysfunction of the spirit’ and I tend to agree.

Our physical body, spiritual essence, energetic and emotional selves are not kept separate from one another. These are integral pieces of a whole being – where if one aspect is pulled down, the entire organism suffers as a result. 

One of the things I am planning to do during these last few warmish days of late summer is to exercise, get outside as much as possible, drink my herbal remedies on my fast days and to continue to enjoy the summer harvest that is emerging from the weeds…..

I am also shifting my thinking into ways and means to continue to boost my immune system over the coming darker months….perhaps I will make up a new remedy (smile).


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.