April Danann



Our Skin - the Source of the Energy Field


Over these past few weeks I have been busy re-examining my own mind/body/life in terms of my energy field. How this has come about is through this second part of my detox (part 2 or part 27 I can no longer tell!) where this time, I am taking the time to detox my skin.

I have actually started writing and talking about this a dozen times over the last few months only to not be able to put the right words down. So I just decided finally to ramble on about what I am feeling (that’s kind of what I do best anyway).


So….anyhow, here I am deep in the middle of a skin detox and what can I say? It is perhaps the most insightful and deepest cleanse to date. Yes, I know….the Mother (monster?) of all of them was the parasite cleanse (30 days on water, ask me about it sometime….please!).

Well, this is different altogether, I am eating, doing some fasting, working away at the various things I do and am seeing progress but in a totally new and completely different direction.
I have done the detoxes nearly as long as I have been walking this path….years and years of cleansing but the one area I had not really ever thought about to such an extent was my skin!

And it’s not that I didn’t pay attention to my skin. Years ago I stopped wearing make-up and haven’t even put so much as a moisturizer on my hands choosing instead to make my own comfrey creams etc. and use only the most natural things I can make myself. 

I think I just thought my skin was being detoxed along with the rest of me (and it probably was to some extent) but clearly it wasn’t enough because I still felt toxic even after fasting for so long and clearing out my cells to the bone.

And I say this loosely….because I not only felt the toxins around me, I could ‘see’ them in my energy field along with the blocks they create. They were clearly there and quite active in my life, leaving me with no doubt they had to go.

Once I figured out I needed to also embark on a skin detox after my fasting/cleansing/clearing, it took me a few weeks to get some sort of a programme going – because this was something quite new for me.

Now you know what I have been up to over this past summer….working away at breaking down these energy blocks, removing unhealthy energy patterns and generally trying to change my life for the better – this time, through the skin and energy field that it creates. 

Onwards and upwards!! (smile)


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.