April Danann



Water, Consciousness & Breaking New Paths...


The start of another week and it is still raining. Sometimes I wonder where it all comes from, but then on the other hand….where does it all ‘go’ once it hits the ground? Buckets of rain have fallen over this past few days in this relentless downpour and it still comes down.

So….as a Medical Intuitive, this begs me to ask that ageless question, why? Why do we get all of this rain and why now…why must the ground be nearly super-saturated with water with us all sloshing around and why does this never stop?


Surely it means something?

What if the rain carries something from the heavens downward to the earth….precious much needed energy for the world. What if the rain brought special dust, particles and living organisms from far away….something wonderful to help us on our physical journeys?

And what if these heavenly waters washed away the dark, heavy negative vibrations as they rose up from deep within the earth’s crust….we find it necessary to detox, why wouldn’t our earth Mother? 

Higher levels of consciousness are carried only by water….that’s why it must be living (not interfered with) in order to nourish our bodies and souls. And pretty much everything on this planet contains water to some degree!

All change begins where we stand (in my case, in the rain LOL) and absolutely nothing else on this planet changes things the way water does….it is a force…therefore water is a necessary element for the beginning and end of all energetic shifts in the place. 

Welcome to the rinse cycle…..


Originally published on The Pagan Diet.