April Danann



Irish Weather - Elemental Forces At Work


Let’s talk about this weather! 

Here we are in the 5th or 6th week of some wild winter weather like we’ve never seen before in living memory….or perhaps it’s that fabled winter of discontent, or the long night of the soul?

So, this is where we find ourselves, at the mercy of the weather, that great ‘starter of conversations’ the world over and something we have learned to moan about, at least in these northern regions where rain, hail, sleet and wind bring down our moods as the wet stuff hits the ground.


But, when we really stop and ponder these deeper aspects of what this might achieve for those of us living here, well, that is something else entirely. Perhaps it’s even akin to a little bit of wonderful.

I know, you are already thinking, there has been nothing wonderful about weeks of darkness, damaging winds, flooding and damp….unless you are safely on higher ground, have your house tethered to the earth like a ship with an anchor and have ancestral leanings towards the mallard family.

However, when I go to sleep at night with the rain pelting, thrumming and roaring on the roof, the wind buffeting the windows, well okay, the windows bowing in and flexing and then wake up the next morning not to a refreshed earth with the sun streaming down after the storm….

No! This winter we’ve been waking up to the exact same clamour, clatter and deafening noise of the elements let loose on the earth as when we went to bed, if anything, it might have only ramped up during the hours of darkness.

So, this begs the question; what’s this all about anyway? What is the purpose of rain, wind, and an excess of churning changing massive force of nature bearing down on us for all it’s worth?

What if something was trying to get through to us? And we are too busy, fearful, asleep, worried and just plain too thick to listen….what might all of these Universal forces being pulled down around us be trying to convey?

What if they needed us to know something along the lines of the importance of our future here on this planet. What if life itself was carried in those winds, star dust and energies from far and wide arriving, implanting and once again taking up permanent residence where once before, long ago they thrived.

I mean, imagine how important this time in history must be – the earth herself is waking up and the only way she can do that is with a nudge and a shake to stir her from her slumber….

Well then, it’s a good time to be alive, isn’t it? 


Originally published on April’s blog The Pagan Diet.