April Danann



Full Moon (ish)


This moon feels like change, for the better….in spite of all that has been happening around the planet, I feel optimistic and hopeful. I mean, really – I get a sense as if we, the human race, have come through some storms and become stronger because of the experience.

Most likely there are far more coming our way….but we are so far, for the most part, keeping our heads above water and pulling together as much as is possible when life throws the difficult and almost impossible situations. 


I think we have all seen some pretty wonderful aspects of humanity over these past few weeks during times of incredible stress. There is no better time than now to contemplate all that is taking place and where we are going with it. 

As the full moon approaches each month, I like to get quiet and reflect on what is leaving, releasing or shifting out of my own life. Sometimes it takes a bit of focus to recognize the piece or pattern as it lifts off, other times it’s so obvious that it’s a relief.

I wanted to comment on this process of releasing….it is the one thing that I used to get hung up on so many years ago, especially in groups or when I heard people talking about this concept. I would hear things like…..

Just let that shit go.

Breathe out and release…..

Don’t hold on to the negative!

You are your own enemy because you are not ‘releasing’ the issue/pain/problem/pattern that holds you back or down.

Well, if I were to interject into this situation just a bit, that’s simply not how it works ( I call bullshit!!!). Energy doesn’t shift that way, humans don’t change that way and you cannot release anything until it or you is ready.

Besides, one of the most significant things I have discovered in my life of spending years and years examining this path as I walk it, is that whenever I have been pushed or forced myself to ‘let go’ of something, I always ended up leaving go of part of myself!!

So, what needs to be said here – is that for everything there is a reason and a season. A pattern (every issue or problem is part of an energetic pattern) will only be released once you have gone full circle with it, reached it’s core and pulled it up by the roots, so that it can completely transform or dissolve or return to it’s origin.

It will only be released once it cannot harm you or anyone it doesn’t belong to. 

And it takes a significant amount of effort or force (read natural elemental forces of nature) to create the space for this work to take place. Some of the patterns I have been working at releasing have taken me years of self reflection as I’ve journeyed towards the heart of the matter.

It will seem as if you are revolving around the pattern again and again, finding yourself in the same or similar places, learning these same lessons. It is, you are and it’s necessary in order to fully disentangle yourself from the entire energetic process, you will re-visit your ‘issue’ many times in many ways. 

Thus the energy, focus and intention of working with the full moon. Use these natural forces to help move you more deeply into yourself, to assist with aligning with your true essence and to gather the momentum required to sustain continued spiritual growth.

It’s not too late this month to work with this magical presence…..

Gather the elements;

Water in a pretty bowl (metal, shell or clay)

A candle or fire place

A potted plant or in your garden

Stand outside or open a window

Pen & paper

In your sacred space, light your candle (I love the colour green for nature), stand in your garden or outside and holding your intention in your mind, write down an old familiar pattern in your life that you feel might be holding you back.  Walk around the room or space in a circle as you hold your candle and consider what your life might be like if this was no longer your pattern.

Burn your paper. Walk the opposite way to close your circle and thank nature (the elements, the directions and the natural forces) for being a part of your experience.

Your life will not change overnight. But, little by little your mind can shift to those little breakthroughs we must experience for lasting change to occur. 

Allow each full or new moon to be a significant part of the time you spend working on these patterns. They are times of reflection, renewaland release found in nature with an open invitation to us all.