April Danann
Thought Leader in Health Potential



Independently Healthy! 


When we spend too much time working and not enough time resting or taking exercise – we find ourselves acidic and run down.

Use your herbs to help remind your body how to function optimally while you address areas of your life that need attention as well as create a life balance and deal with stress.


Herbs for me are all about inviting nature into my life and maintaining that connection to the natural world, all the while deepening my inner journey. These herbs show me the way, they take me further into myself on a daily basis and then keep me there.

Any other kind of medicine creates blocks and will lock you out of your body.

Your very nature and well being is perfectly designed to be uplifted, enhanced and healed or brought back into alignment through the use of natures own gifts to us. I trust and rely on these plants as I am finding my way out of toxicity and back to wholeness.

You can also use herbs for specific things such as to deal with sleep issues or for focus and concentration or memory. I used to have a life long issue with sleeping deeply or even staying asleep – so I created a Sleep Salve with valerian, lavender and chamomile oils that corrected this issue and has become a very popular item on my market stall.

I would also recommend herbs to assist you during times of change or if you are feeling distracted from your hopes, dreams and goals. Ginkgo is a personal favourite of mine for creating headspace and rosemary aids memory and brain function.

One of the interesting finds I have made is wild gorse….I forage for this herb in the spring and use it in tinctures and vinegars as it is one of the most uplifting herbs to be found in nature. This herb leaves you feeling positive, internally supported and calm.

When you want to follow a detoxing lifestyle, herbs are the easiest, most natural and beneficial way to assist your body, mind and spirit in getting clear about your life and staying in that space.

To Do

Find and identify 5 herbs growing locally to you. How would you use them?