April Danann



Seasonal Energy Shift.....


What an interesting week we have had after the new moon….this time of year we are in the middle of great seasonal changes. But, perhaps at this time in the history of the world we are also in the middle of great revelations – about ourselves and how the world has been run for us, certainly not by us.


I have noticed how jaded we are, cynical and more then a little unfocused with all that is taking place around us. But, as many of these things rise up to the surface to be revealed I have also noticed another great anomaly of this current age….

There is so much we just don’t want to know (indifference?) or at least I tend to meet someone every now and then who feels this way about themselves and the world around them. It’s such a sad state to be in!

I know I certainly don’t feel that way….I want to know everything about everything and how it all works and then some. LOL. This Universe we call home is filled with wonderful things just waiting for us to discover, re-claim and re-cover –never a dull moment around here…...

Over the years my body has taken me on this incredible journey (and continues to do so) which only gets deeper, more focused and rewarding with each step of this age old path….however, along the way the single most thing that must be pulled out from these spaces is fear.

Fear, there’s that terrible word again, it has taken root and grown so deeply into the light places of our bodies and minds, that in some instances,  we are completely paralyzed (energy block) because of it.

Perhaps the best way to overcome some of this fear is to take one thing that you are afraid of and talk about it, write about it, pursue it and otherwise explore what it means to you and your life here this time around.

Then, once you have gained some new perspective on it, jump in the deep end of it and see what happens…perhaps it’s time to see where you are at on your journey within and certainly to find out if the hope, faith and love you find inside will ‘float’ you onwards towards your goals.


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.