April Danann



Trigger Points and Universal Shifts....


We should all have experiences and important events in our lives where we are certain nothing will ever be the same again. It seems that great change comes about as a series of turning points that will eventually redirect where our lives will go.

At the very least, these types of occurrences are meant to shake us, move us to higher ground and remind us of our individual destinies. Something strange needs to happen every now and then to remind us there is still magic in the Universe (and inside of us).

There are also trigger points which are ignited by these pivotal events – without which we would not grow, learn or develop our own senses (ability to discern) here on this planet. Some of these events might be as simple as a series of numbers, a word or even a change played out on the world stage.

However, there appears to be a problem with some of this, perhaps because the fine art of discernment is not being practiced at all or very well. Maybe because of the deluge of disembodied spirits and energy entities now freely roaming the planet….

It’s the one thing that has stood out to me over these past few years. So many people are reading things wrongly, not taking the time to understand what is really taking place or are reading a situation in the way their overcrowded minds (read overmind) would have them do.

The purity of intention might be present, however, without the same intention coming from a clear heart and mind – there is far too much room for human error (and this outside influence what I refer to as the ‘overmind’) to creep in and skew the message.

So, not only do we have to be diligent about listening, paying attention, watching and waiting for those all important road signs to point the way forward – we also need to be a clean vessel (not an empty one). 

Unfortunately for a lot of people that means letting go of their addictions, habits, pastimes and living with their feet on the ground. But – if this is something that is desired, you cannot have it both ways. 

Those days are long over. 


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.