April Danann



Waves of Consciousness & Full Moon 


I am still eating garlic! LOL

So, I finished 2 weeks of 3 days each week on several cloves of garlic and felt fantastic...almost like a big spring cleaning on the inside. Today we are still in long weekend mode, but I plan to get back to doing another garlic cleanse again this week.


It was that beneficial - almost as if this healing food went deeply into my tissues and helped me sort some things out. But, it's been that kind of month so far as well. As if I am in the middle of sorting things out.

Right now it all appears to be at the brain level - perhaps a brain detox is the best way to describe the action of garlic. I have experienced in the past how my head would immediately clear and feel free of clutter - a definite opening up in the cerebral cortex. 

It is an awesome sensation of connectedness and clarity all at the same time.....

However, this weekend we decided to go all out and relax with feast meals and lots of goodies for the kids (well, us really!). And even a ceremonial fire last night to celebrate the full moon (Worm Moon - which draws worms up to the surface to feed the birds). 

I love this time of year, spring is all about life, spontaneous regeneration of physical matter with the earth coming into it's own - doing what she knows how to do best; LIVE. I always feel such a sense of hope and promise for the rest of the year to come.

Right now the energy of the earth feels settled as if she has reached some decision about herself - change is irreversible and imminent - it seems as if a higher level of consciousness has been opened up and is spreading like a mist over the land. 

It's actually an amazing part of the process of awakening that we are all witnessing.... when the earth does this, things will shift, change and move. Positive and spiritual 'Life' only responds to waves of pure consciousness. 

This is going to be a most incredible year of healing and rapid spiritual growth. Hang on everybody!


Originally published on April’s blog The Pagan Diet.