April Danann



A Old Plan for a New Life....


Another Monday has arrived with more of this cold weather – it’s a strange enough occurrence, that it needs comment on. This time of year is usually warming up and often fairly dry here in this part of the world. 

Things are changing rapidly on planet earth and none more so then where it all begins – with the weather (or the energy field of Gaia). Great and long lasting change takes place once these new patterns have shifted and moved into position.

One of the most important reasons we cannot stop change such as the climate is when it relates to higher levels of consciousness. For those who are seeking, creating and wishing for change – witnessing immediate energy shifts around the earth is a promising sign.

Of course there are other indications of great change closer to home or at least there should be. If you are working away in your own life sending out ripples, waves and energy blips – you will sooner or later begin to see something of the changes you have been wanting.

Perhaps your life will not always go in the direction you have planned at the beginning but one of the most wonderful things about the Universe is how there is always a plan and there always has been - it was put in place at the beginning of our incarnations here.

And we do know about this plan, at some level of our beings. It often just has to be brought further down into our conscious knowing and then out into the new reality we are creating.

And sometimes – this takes a storm of epic proportions…. So hang on, it’s all happening.


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.