April Danann
Thought Leader in Health Potential



Resistance to Change - A Dark Energy


There are days when you can feel, see, smell and taste the change that is floating on the air….today was one of those days. The need and desire for these changes that are coming is tangible.

We are all in need of something higher, better, cleaner and more real in our lives. However for most of us, this new vision of reality will come at such a shock to our systems we may find resistance to it. 

Our own and that of others who are used to calling the shots. 

This resistance has become interwoven into the DNA of our cells – like a dark energy – it holds us back, makes it difficult to move forward and generally works hard at keeping us firmly in the one place.

Where we are frustrated, frightened and worried about our own lack of progress. But, living in a society and a time in history where progress is reserved for the chosen few at the top. Or at least those who find it easy to claw their way forward.

Where does all of this resistance come from….for the most part it is a collective fear of change.

However, fear is a necessity when you have to remain firmly in control of the masses.

This is both a tool and a product of the times we live in – keep people in fear of their lives, livelihood and prospects for the future…. And there you have it. Well ordered conformity, a card which can be played anytime.

Just look at what is taking place in Cyprus…sending a message out to everyone. Someone else is in charge of you, your life, your dreams and especially your money (energy). 

Lack of consciousness knows no such limits on the bottom edge of society. It just resembles what it is – pure darkness and evil. 


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.