April Danann



Walking these Old Roads.....


It’s another day of frigid temperatures and changing energy. Right now we are all wondering where and when this will end….it’s unseasonably cold but at least it is dry. So there is a silver lining here in some ways.

With most things, when we look for the positive side and expect something good to come our way, we can find it. Perhaps it will be found in how we look at it or the way each issue is presented. But there is usually something wonderful to be found with each and every situation we are presented with.


I have learned long ago that everything happens for a reason – even when that reason is filled with dark or heavy energy – our bodies can often make something good come from it. This is sometimes part of the struggle in our daily lives. 

However, we humans have that ability within us. A sort of magical capability for inner and outer transformation within our own lives. We can make something good come of 'this' or in many instances, it lies forgotten at the bottom of a long list of worries and fears.

This tendency to cover up who we are – the things we are able to do and when we should do them has come at such a price. It has cost us our humanity at the expense of our own souls, we have left behind an energetic imprint of our own sacred art.

Perhaps this is the time, now is the place and certainly the space is being created to allow these ancient blueprints to rise up and take their place in our lives. We are such creative, alive and amazing beings who walk these old roads on this planet.

And we don’t even know it.


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.