April Danann



Dreams & Visions....


Today has been a great day with regards to change…not that much has altered that I can put my finger on…but things just feel as if they are different. I had an incredible dream last night as well…

Even though I dream something nearly every night of my life, there are times when an incredible dream comes along and you know it just means something special…

So, for the dream!


I was lying on the ground looking up, it was sort of like camping outside in the open, we were getting ready to sleep and I was with a group of other people. Each of us had an individual square of land, like a little plot – I could see everyone (including myself) as if I was looking from above.

The thing we were looking at or talking about, was the fact it was evening or nighttime, yet the sun was still in the sky, together with the moon on the opposite side. In the dream I was remembering the times in my childhood in Labrador when the sun dipped down, but did not set fully during the summer months…

However this sun in my dream was fairly high up in the sky, yet it was sort of dark as well. 

Either way, it was a fascinating dream and I have been thinking about it all day even as I kept busy with cooking our celebration meal….but right now as I finally get a chance to sit down – I am trying to sort out/process what it might mean for me.

It was a psychic dream (the ones you have upon waking) – so something interesting is coming my way, that is for sure. Now to see what these next few days bring….


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.