April Danann
Thought Leader in Health Potential



Life Is Gathering Around Us....


Change is in the air again today and there is always something new to be marveled at. One of the things that has become most important to me while walking this path – is to pay close attention to nature. It's everywhere!

And right now there is not a better time to be completely in touch with the world around us – it’s spring and life is right there in front of us. It’s hard to miss all the bright colours, the buds, the sprouts and the lovely looking flowers.


So….eat up! This is the best time of the year to get back into your body in a grounded, gentle kind of way. It’s also about new beginnings, the start of the year really is now – all of life seems to gather itself around us – forcing us higher.

If you have been enjoying your green nibbles from the garden in any way, your energy field is healing from the harsh winter spent inside as well as any long term damage from toxins and old self-defeating patterns.

Of course, all change starts with the energy around us (and within us) and these shifts will spill over into the emotional, spiritual and eventually physical re-patterning we have been reaching for.

All it takes is for our bodies to be shown a simpler, healthier and better way to live – or perhaps to find life again – and we are off, into that higher realm we have been dreaming of.

Is it any wonder when we speak of our dreams we refer to them in terms of how high they are, within our reach and lofty places….in order to raise up to where they are, we must work together with nature….

It’s a part of us we can no longer ignore – not if we want to walk further up this spiritual path. 


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.