April Danann



I wouldn't have wanted to miss this....A Time To Heal


And another day without rain…this is lovely and welcome! We’ve had enough ‘weather’ to last a lifetime and perhaps for some of us – those who have been going through this recession/depression – we’ve just all had enough!

I have met a few people however who tell me the recession hasn’t touched them. At all. And the first thing I feel is, well, sorry that their life is recession proof because this has been a learning curve (and a curse!) that I would not have wanted to miss.


When I look back over these last few years of great difficulty, hardship and incredible change – I also see such an opportunity for building solid relationships with our selves as well as our partners and families.

But what is more, is how resourcefulness has come back into it’s own season. At one time, long ago, nearly everyone lived their lives knowing many skills, having their hands in a little bit of everything…

And relying on their own knowledge (some of which was passed down through the ages) to see them through challenges and yes, the most fundamental life skills of feeding and healing themselves. 

This has been a time of coming back into our own, re-membering all that we are and the many things we can do – starting with where we are and what we’ve got. What ever way you look at it, even if we are sitting on the bottom looking up – at least we are on the ground and all of life comes from this place.

Perhaps we have had to find ourselves here first – before real, true healing and forward movement could take place. There is something to be said for hitting the bottom, being up against the wall of any place we may find ourselves….

However it is always a starting point. 


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.