April Danann



Bealtaine - Harmonic Convergence of Earth Energy 


Some days are just better spent quietly – perhaps taking the time out we need on a regular basis to just process through this life and times we are in, can be a gift we give ourselves. 

I don’t know about you, but it usually takes me a day or so to think through events and happenings. And even when there is seemingly nothing unusual taking place, there are still those mornings when I wake up and ask…

april-danann-Path-Cononaught-Woods .jpg

What just happened? 

Today has been such a day as this. I am taking some time to reflect on recent goings-on and quietly working through some of the undercurrents of activity. I find if I don’t do this whenever possible, things will just back up and I am forced to take time out…

Not that there is an over abundance of events or that anything is ‘out of control’ in my life…it’s just that I do like to keep in touch with who I am right now, where I am heading and perhaps to stop and dig up the flowers along the way!

One thing I have noticed about myself (again and again) is how I will have something in my mind to do…such as this week to go for a walk in the local wood. And do you think I have done it?

NO….well because there is always some other distraction. Someone wants to go somewhere else, there are other things to be done and you know the rest. The list is endless.

Instead I put it off and then put it off some more. Until the season has passed and I don’t allow myself my time out – into a space that is beckoning me to come and step on the forest floor, feel the energy of it’s life and perhaps be gifted with something wonderful….

So….no more of that! If and when something is on our minds to do, we should just find a way, make the time and take ourselves to where ever it is that is resonating with us.

It has something to do with a type of harmonic convergence – only it occurs in the singular….getting out there to connect with earth energy is like magic – we need to do much more of it.

And be fully conscious of why we are here.

Happy Bealtaine – may Brigid’s Fire Light Your Way….


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.