April Danann



Deeper Detox…..


Do you ever wonder how much a part of your life it takes to maintain, hold or think up your dreams? Not just those odd motion pictures at night, but also the things you long for during the day – what if this is all life really is, a dream within a landscape created by a consciousness that includes you and me?


Could we then drop everything – all at once and begin a fresh new page like painting a picture or wiping off a poster board, ready to re-draw elements of our lives with a clean slate. Might others join us on our journey or have they been there all along?

Would we need to let go of energy, issues, ideas and stuff that doesn’t belong to us; things we have carried for lifetimes that no longer serve our purpose on this planet. Toxic matter that weighs us down.

What if the earth did the same – she dreams of something better for herself, reaches higher, deeper and longs to purge what doesn’t belong. Thus begins the process of waking up the inner core of her being while we all watch and wonder.


It is long past the time when we thought of ourselves as separate from this world, our Mother Earth Gaia with whom we co-exist and share…..absolutely everything including the air we breathe. She needs us more than ever to seek understanding of this unique relationship and to do our part in cleaning up the mess we have made.

Next time you do a detox or healthy cleanse – refuse and remove packaging, return your bottles, let go of some plastic and reuse all you can. What a gift to broaden and deepen your detox to include the environment around you.

We are all in this together.


Originally published in Positive Life Magazine.