April Danann



Wild Fermentation Day – Advanced Master Class


Welcome to my exciting world of wild fermented living foods! I produce a select amount of naturally fermented apple cider vinegar and herbal Kombucha (Herbucha) made with spring fed well water, wild captured scobies, natural fruits, berries & herbs, old whiskey barrels and time.


Everyone can use naturally fermented foods. These ancient recipes have come down the millennia with all sorts of lore attributed to them; from helping ease aches and pains, to a scalp soothing hair rinse, sorting out digestive complaints and clearing skin of rashes and acne and just great tasting food. A ferment is one of nature’s amazing miracles of life in a bottle! Imagine something so simple giving so much…

My apple cider vinegar & kombucha is unfiltered, unpasteurized, double or triple fermented, is not fermented in plastic and contains the most wonderful West Cork mother.

This advanced course offers you a chance to spend a full day with me and assist in the production of herbucha, apple cider vinegars, sourdough bread and sauerkrauts. It is designed for those with some prior understanding of fermentation intending to produce commercially or the serious home fermenter.

Learn about the uniqueness of my techniques, tips and trouble-shooting for wild fermentation and inside information on how to create the perfect commercial grade ferments every time.

Book your place now at my Wild Fermentation Advanced Masterclass on Wednesday 24th October 2018 in West Cork.

April Danann