April Danann



Re-Wilding By Nature


There is so much I want to say here! I hardly know where to begin….so let me start by saying, this is perhaps one of the most important things you will ever read or hear or do or think about.

Your body heals best with herbs. Your mind, body, spirit will only align with nature in the lead and you can only rise in consciousness as part of an awakened, human being on a journey inwards.

You are on your way home.


The only way to find that place is to include nature in your healing and of course this includes fresh food, clean water and natural herbs as part of your daily routine.

When I think of herbs I think of dandelions, nettles, elder trees and so many other beautiful plants that are useful to us as some of the most gentle and powerful agent of healing known.

You will not be able to find anything better for your body than something from nature. And the only kind of lasting, deep change that you are seeking, comes from all that nature has to offer.

Herbs are those plants, flowers, trees & berries; which to me are non toxic, gentle and have a supportive role in our development. They help us as we try to walk the talk and provide us with all the right ingredients to allow our beings to align to higher plains of existence.

And of course, they are so much more than that. Herbs are a gift from nature to help fix, change and sort us out as we seek to recover the damaged parts of ourselves from our toxic lifestyles.

They are a necessary inclusion into your life if you want to really, truly and deeply change all that has gone wrong in your body, mind and spirit. No other substance on the earth will help you as deeply as this.

But, herbs will.

They will get you moving, motivate you, raise you up, shift your focus, turn you towards the light and show you the way.

They are absolutely vital in your healing journey towards the centre of your being…..they are not only part of the way to heal, they will light the way for you.